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  • Porto River & Sea with a Local Host

    Porto River & Sea with a Local Host

    See Porto through the eyes of a local.
Northern Portugal

Your host comes from one of the most renowned families in the Porto wine world. She lived in Lisboa for twelve years having recently returned to her roots in Porto. Throughout her career, she has been in the food and beverage and hotel management industry, making this her area of expertise. Your host’s favorite activities in Porto include walking by the river and sea, discovering “the” new places downtown and enjoying Portugal’s delicious food and wine. Experiences that she defines as unforgettable.

Start your journey through Porto’s culture and traditions visiting one of the best-kept secrets in the city, the headquarters of the British port wine businesses in Porto, a fascinating house complete with a traditional ballroom, kitchen that looks like something out of Downtown Abbey, and a library of centuries-old English books, available for visit by invitation only.  Walk to the seaside and explore the residential area of the city through the Avenida Brasil, stopping along the way for a coffee or tea in a traditional place. Visit local artisans to learn how both traditional and modern goods are made, with some time for shopping should you wish. Next, head to a nearby fishing village that seems worlds away, with fishermen displaying the day’s catch next to the sea, and their wives hanging their laundry in the main square. Choose your lunch from the fishermen’s display, and enjoy the sunshine as it is grilled up for you. Continue by car along the riverside to your final destination where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the city while sipping on a Porto or a Porto Tonic, very popular among the locals.