Portugal today

From Porto's dazzling architecture and the vision of vibrant Lisboa reigning atop her seven hills, to the crimson cliffs of the Algarve down south, the remarkable coastal country of Portugal is bursting with gems to be discovered.

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Portugal today

There’s nothing quite like losing yourself while wandering through Lisboa’s Bairro Alto with a belly full of the freshest seafood and local wine, as images of medieval charm and blue painted tiles swirl in your head, only to turn a corner and catch a glimpse of the glimmering sea. Once the world’s richest and most powerful empire and now the vibrant home to powerhouse wine regions, incredible art museums and excellent surfing, Portugal is a true traveler's dream.

Discover the endless ways to see Portugal

Discover all that Portugal has to offer by sharing local, authentic experiences. Spend an afternoon tasting oysters with a local fisherman and visiting private art collections, and the evening finding the soul of Portugal at a fado performance by the nation’s best artists. Whatever adventure you desire, it will be our pleasure to make it a reality.

Get to know all of Portugal

Follow in the footsteps of the explorers, artists and royals of centuries past as you travel through Portugal’s six diverse regions. Whether you’re looking to sip wine in the Alentejo, sunbathe on the sand of Madeira, travel through time in Lisbon, or all of the above, we will work together to create the perfect itinerary. Browse below to find out where your journey will take you.

The day-to-day of your trip to Portugal

  • Priscilla Alexander
    Travel agent at Protravel International

    “OLE! How thrilling to learn that MADE FOR SPAIN has taken the giant step into Portugal completing its sweep of the Iberian Peninsula. This award winning travel company with its keen eye and distinctive style will now be marketing and selling Portugal to the same discriminating travelers as it has so successfully done for the past twelve years in Spain. And who benefits? Agents who demand top value and travelers who expect curated experiences. This is a thumbs up for tourism in Portugal. Congratulations to Virginia and Alonso for your smarts and your passion as you continue to strive to be the best.”

  • “Virginia has a little black book thick with the names of local experts, museum curators, architects, chefs, flamenco dancers, eager to show you their little corners of the Iberian peninsula. She can guide you to the country that is best for your needs..... Her bespoke itineraries are wide-ranging: A one-day cruise shore excursion, a month-long honeymoon, a corporate retreat in the wine country, a cultural tour for museum benefactors, all are within her purview. ”

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  • Nancy Porthan
    Travel agent at Noble Travel

    “My guide and the driver were AMAZING. The quality of the tour experience that they gave me was as good as it gets. Their level of professionalism and competence surpassed my expectations...My guests were truly impressed with not only the city of Lisbon, but more importantly its people... The city of Lisbon is exceptional. And the people with whom you have connected there do represent Made for Spain in the best way imaginable.

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