Private Algarve Wildlife Boat Excursion

A private expedition in search of the Algarve's marine wildlife

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Private Algarve Wildlife Boat Excursion

Spend the day cruising along the Algarve on the lookout for the variety of cetaceans that populate the area, including dolphins and whales. The observation of cetaceans occurs in their natural habitat. Encounters with both common and bottlenose dolphins are frequent; this last one approaches the seashore very much. Other cetaceans like the rissos dolphin and the striped dolphin also occur from time to time, as well as the orca and the minke whale. On this trip you will also see a variety of beautiful seabirds and, if you’re lucky, sightings of hammer sharks and turtles may follow. Embark on a trip with an individual atmosphere, where we are blown away with moments of unique beauty.

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