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  • A Taste of Portugal: Private Lisboa Petiscos Tour

    A Taste of Portugal: Private Lisboa Petiscos Tour

    Portugal, bite by bite.

The Portuguese cousin of Spanish tapas, petiscos are small portions of different dishes, served at the center of the table so that each guest is free to choose when and what to eat. This custom is so important in Portuguese culture that they’ve even created a verb, “petiscar,” which means to nibble on small snacks with a glass of wine. Petiscos are meant to be simple and eaten with your hands, a toothpick or a slice of bread to sop up the sauces. On this tour you will hop from hidden taverns to trendy, locals-only bars in Lisboa with your local host, enjoying a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Portuguese traditional cuisine and lifestyle. Savoring the tastes and flavors of Portugal on the first evening is the perfect way to start your trip, so that you know what to order throughout your holiday!