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  • Discover the Local Products of the Algarve

    Discover the Local Products of the Algarve

    From the sea to the market and beyond

Start your day exploring an Algarve farmer’s market with your insider host, visiting fruit, vegetable and fish stands, meeting the producers and learning about local traditions and gastronomy. Next, you will move on to the family-run salt flats where Portugal’s «white gold» is harvested, to learn about the traditional production of salt, how it is extracted and the process the miners use to ensure that their business does not impact the environment. Be sure to take some home to give a special Portuguese flavor to your home cooking. After a lunch of local treats, you will head to an Algarve cork factory, where you will learn about the harvest and production processes from the tree to the final product, learning all the different and inventive ways that cork is used in Portugal, the number one producer of the product in the world!