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  • Wine Harvesting at a Douro Valley Quinta

    Wine Harvesting at a Douro Valley Quinta

    Get your hands (and feet!) dirty harvesting wine with the help of vineyard workers.
Northern Portugal

The harvest season is a sign of celebration at this Douro Valley quinta and you will have the privilege to share this moment at the winery. Joining the team during the harvest season is a memory that will stay forever in your mind. The day begins with the cutting of the grapes in the middle of the quinta’s vast vineyards, complete with straw hat, tobacconist scarf around the neck and scissors in your hand to fill up buckets of healthy grapes. Halfway through the harves, join the local workers for a traditional snack of onion soup and baked sardines with corn bread and olive oil. After you’ve finished up in the field, dig into a well-deserved traditional lunch and enjoy a visit of the winery and wine tasting. The day will end with the pressing of the grapes, so grab a pair of shorts and hop in the vat to assist in crushing the fruit with your feet to the tune of live music.